Face Tooth Extraction Without Fear At Kruckman Family Dentistry

At Kruckman Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing the residents of Waconia with the best care possible, every time. That means making sure our patients benefit not only from the most modern and effective dental care techniques and facilities, but also making sure their experience is as comfortable and pain free as possible.

People may need to have a tooth pulled for a number of different reasons. Young patients often have teeth extracted to make room for incoming adult teeth. Adolescents and young adults may need their wisdom teeth removed to avoid compaction. Others may have damaged or rotting teeth that cause them pain. Whatever the reason may be, if a tooth needs to come out, you can trust Kruckman Family Dentistry to do the job quickly and painlessly.

Dr. Jalissa Kruckman, DDS has a firm command of all the modern pain management techniques to help patients both before and after their dental surgery. She can perform the tooth extraction you need to clear the road to a healthy, happy mouth. While many people fear visiting the dentist in general and having a tooth pulled in particular, Dr. Kruckman makes it easier than ever before. With a modern dental facility and friendly, compassionate service, you’ll be out of the chair in no time, ready to get on with your life. Kruckman Family Dentistry also provide multiple sedation opetion. Contact Kruckman Family Dentistry of Waconia today, and find out how easy a tooth extraction or any other form of dental surgery can really be!