White Fillings

From Our Waconia Dental Clinic

Composite fillings, otherwise known as white fillings, are used for a number of oral health and cosmetic improvements. At Kruckman Family Dentistry, we offer composite fillings for every need from damaged and broken teeth to uneven and unattractive enamel.

What is a composite filling?

Composite fillings are tooth-colored (white) plastic and glass mixtures that are used to restore decayed and damaged teeth. The mixture used in creating composite cavity filling bonds easily, quickly and effectively to human teeth. This bond helps to strengthen teeth, as well as prevent teeth from breaking. In addition, the newly bonded filling helps the damaged teeth to insulate themselves from excessive temperature changes that can be experienced while eating either hot or cold foods.

Possibly the greatest advantage of the composite filling mixture, however, is its ability to enhance the color of the teeth it is being bonded to. With its pearl-like mixture of white plastic and glass, the filling helps to cosmetically improve the appearance of the teeth. Often times, our dental clinic is even able to create special mixtures of composite that allow them to perfectly and seamlessly blend the filling with the brighter, healthier colors of your teeth, making for the perfect smile every time. Plus, if a patient’s teeth are already beautifully white, a composite cavity filling can be made specially to not take away from any of the patient’s original beauty.

At our Waconia dental clinic, we believe in beautiful smiles. We do everything in our power to provide our patients with the most up to date, highest quality dentistry available and that is why we only use composite fillings for all dental restorations and cosmetic dentistry. If you are interested in speaking with Dr. Kruckman about your white cavity filling options, give our office a call today.

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