Dental Bridge Procedures

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are appliances that physically bridge a gap in the mouth created by one or more missing teeth. The appliance itself is made up of two or more crowns and one or more false teeth. The crowns act as anchors to the nearest tooth (referred to as the abutment teeth) in the mouth. One crown sits on either side of the bridge and holds the bridge in place over time. In the middle sits the false tooth/teeth, literally filling the gap between the missing teeth. Bridges are permanently cemented into place by your Waconia area dentist.

The false teeth found on the bridge are often referred to as pontics. Pontics can be made from any number of different materials, however, the ones we see most commonly include gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of these materials. The material used for each dental bridge is chosen based on the individual patient’s need, and the patient’s current oral appearance, as to give them the most natural appearance.

In general, bridges are a permanent remedy to missing teeth and the dental surgery process of implementation requires only two or three appointments. If you think a dental bridge is the answer to your oral health issues, we encourage you to contact our office and speak with dentist Jalissa Kruckman today.

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