How Can I Tell if I Have a Cavity?

When it’s been a little while in between your dentist appointments, it can be all too easy to develop a cavity and not know about it. However, there are a few signs to look for that may indicate that your teeth need a little extra attention from a professional. If you notice any of the following signs, be sure to call our office at Kruckman Family Dentistry and schedule your appointment today.

Cavities are never any fun to deal with, and they can cause quite a few problems when left untreated. They are defined as decayed areas of the teeth, and they are quite common! However, it is essential that you get a cavity filled immediately, as an untreated cavity can mean infection, toothaches, and even tooth loss if it worsens too much.

Bad Breath

Decaying in teeth is not all that different from decay in other things – it leaves behind an odor that is less than pleasant to deal with. When a cavity is ignored, bacteria begins to reproduce rapidly and leaves behind an unpleasant scent that brushing alone will likely be unable to take care of. If you begin to notice bad breath even though you take regular and thorough care of your teeth and tongue, you should definitely go to the dentist to see if there is a possibility of cavities.

Bad Taste

There are a few ways to get rid of a bad taste in your mouth, including mouthwash, brushing your teeth, flossing, and brushing your tongue. However, if you notice the bad taste returning again and again, it might be time to get your teeth checked. A cavity may need to be cleaned and filled.

Tooth Pain

Not all cavities are painful, but tooth pain can arise if the cavity has been left untreated for a long period of time. If you have been feeling any tooth pain, you should call your dentist immediately. While it may be a cavity, it can also be a sign of something more serious that should be treated quickly.

Tooth Sensitivity

Many people have naturally sensitive teeth, but a cavity can make this issue worse. If you have tried using sensitivity toothpaste and have not noticed an improvement, a cavity may be the culprit. You can tell if your teeth are sensitive when you bite into either cold foods and drinks or very warm foods and drinks.

Dark Spots

If your cavities have been around for a long time without being treated, you can usually see them. They look like a dark spot on the tooth that has been infected. If you notice any discoloration in your tooth, it’s time to schedule a dentist appointment.


When you can see a hole on the top of your tooth, or even if you can feel it with your tongue, it most likely means that you have a cavity. Even if it isn’t painful at the time, it can worsen as time goes on if you don’t get it treated quickly. Contact our dentist office immediately if you should find a hole like this!


Of all the cavity symptoms you may experience, this is the most serious. It indicates that you have an abscess, and it can lead to a fever, pain, and swollen glands that will require you to seek immediate medical help. If it gets to this point, your dentist will likely have you take antibiotics to clear up the infection before filling the tooth.

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If you have experienced any of the symptoms we listed above, we encourage you to call our offices today and schedule an appointment! Whether you live in Victoria, St. Bonifacius, Mayer, and the surrounding areas, we know that Kruckman Family Dentistry can help you make your way towards a healthier and brighter smile.