Perils of Clenching Your Teeth

We all get a little tense sometimes and feel our teeth beginning to clench. However, some people cannot control this clenching when it happens while they sleep. Bruxism, or clenching and grinding, is a common problem that can seriously affect your teeth if it happens often.

Why is Bruxism Bad?

When you grind your teeth during your sleep, you are doing so unconsciously. Unfortunately, this means that you may be using pressure anywhere from three to ten times more than what you use when you chew your food! Since you are sleeping and not eating, this means that your teeth are receiving the full force of your jaw without that little food buffer in between.


When you put this much pressure on your teeth night after night, it can damage the enamel and possibly expose the dentin in your teeth. This can cause anything from sensitivity, to tooth decay, to fractured teeth. In some severe cases, it can even lead to dental surgery.


You may not know if you are grinding your teeth, but we at Kruckman Family Dentistry may be able to tell at your next regular cleaning. In order to treat your bruxism, we will need to figure out what damage has already been done that needs to be fixed. Next, we may recommend that you wear a mouthguard of some kind at night to prevent further grinding.

Come See Us

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