The Advantages Of Professional Teeth Whitening

With the explosion in popularity of home teeth whitening products in recent years, one might reasonably wonder why anybody would ever go to have the procedure performed by a professional dentist. Kruckman Family Dentistry offers cosmetic dentistry services, including teeth whitening, to Waconia, MN and the surrounding areas. Here are just a couple of the reasons to have your teeth whitened at our modern dental facility.

Safety is the first and most important reason to have your teeth whitened by a professional. The whitening agents used to lighten the shade of your teeth contain harsh chemicals that result in damage to your gums and other tissues in your mouth. What’s more, overexposure to these chemicals can lead to chronic flashes of severe tooth pain. A professional cosmetic dentist like Dr. Jalissa Kruckman knows how to avoid these effects through careful use of whitening agents.

Effectiveness is another good reason to have Dr. Kruckman whiten your teeth. Because of the danger of the chemicals mentioned above, home whitening treatments are not as strong as what’s used in her dental facility. What’s more, Dr. Kruckman is able to use special equipment, such as UV activators, that are simply not available to the general public. The result is teeth that enjoy more shades of lightening, and stay that way for longer periods of time before another treatment is required.

For safe and effective teeth whitening that lasts, as well as any other form of cosmetic dentistry, make an appointment with Kruckman Family Dentistry today!