Ways to Manage Your Dentist Anxiety

When you think about going to the dentist, do you feel nervous? Afraid? Some people feel so anxious about what could happen at the dentist that they avoid going entirely, even if they suspect that something may be wrong with their teeth. Of course, that’s not what we want at all! Some people are worried about the pain. Others are more concerned about past poor experiences they had at a different dentist. While you may have some concerns about coming to see us, we would like to share some of the top ways to help overcome your fears and get closer to a healthier smile. Read on to learn more.

Communication is Key

To be perfectly honest, the best way we have found for our patients to overcome their fears is for them to communicate, and for us to do the same for them. When you feel informed about everything that is happening, you will be less likely to panic about what is going to happen next. While it’s super common for people to be nervous about seeing a professional, it can really cause an issue when it stops them from coming in for regular cleanings or even dental surgery when necessary. If you find yourself struggling with handling your dental anxiety, then it might be time to have a discussion with the dentist ahead of time. There are many safe and easy ways to make your dental routine less scary and stressful, and medication is not out of the question if the need should arise.

Top Tips for Remaining Calm During Your Dentist Visit

If you can’t seem to shake a feeling of impending doom before you go for your cleaning, try these tips to help calm yourself down:

  • Vocalize your fears. Yes, you may be tense or anxious. If you tell the dental staff, including your dentist, that you are feeling this way, then they may be better able to meet your needs without triggering a panic attack.
  • Focus on your breathing. When people get nervous, their breathing tends to quicken. If it doesn’t speed up, then they are likely to hold their breath instead. This limits the amount of oxygen they are receiving, and this can actually increase any existing feelings of panic. However, if you concentrate on deep and slow breathing, your stress levels are likely to lower drastically in a short amount of time.
  • Listen to music. We know that the sound of our machinery and tools can feel even more stressful than what is being done to your teeth, so if this is your concern, then feel free to bring in your favorite music device and some headphones.
  • Pay attention to your food and beverage choices. If you want to feel less jittery before your appointment, we recommend avoiding any caffeinated beverages or sugary foods high before. They can make you feel shaky and even more concerned. Protein-rich foods are more likely to calm you down, so plan some healthy meals the day of your appointment.
  • Use hand signals. You can feel more in control of the situation if you agree on hand signals to communicate with your dentist ahead of time. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, you can use your signal to either have the dentist slow down or stop for a moment while you collect yourself.
  • Choose a good appointment time. If you are feeling rushed or concerned about where you need to be next, then this will only heighten your struggles at the dentist. Choose a time when you can relax afterward, such as a Saturday morning.
  • Find trustworthy reviews. Dentists get reviews just like your favorite products do. Ask your friends and family members who they like to see! Going to someone else’s trusted dentist may help you feel more at ease with your choice.

Come See Us!

When it comes to finding a dentist you can trust with your anxiety, you will need to communicate your concerns with a dentist ahead of time. At Kruckman family dentistry, we know how stressful it can be to take the plunge and go in for an appointment. Contact us today and let us know how you are feeling. Whether you live in Waconia, Victoria, St. Bonifacius, Mayer, Norwood Young America, or Cologne, we would be happy to treat you with the utmost care and understanding. Call now to schedule your appointment!