What Causes Teeth Stains?

Imagine you recently took a family photo. Everyone in the picture is grinning brightly, but you notice that your teeth look a little bit yellowed and stained. While photo editing can remove the evidence, you can’t hide your stains in real life. What causes these stains, how can you get rid of them, and how can you prevent them from ruining your smile in the future?

Stain Causes

The culprits of teeth stains are typically what you put into your mouth. Your enamel weakens over time, which makes it easier for stains to stick. So what foods should you be on the lookout for?

  • Tea: It’s common knowledge that coffee can stain your teeth, but it turns out that tea is an even bigger problem! Tea contains tannins that help stains stick to your teeth. However, the frequency is key. If you have three cups a day, you might be in trouble. One cup a week won’t have as much of an impact.
  • Wine: Both red and white wines are acidic and contain tannins. While white wine’s color won’t leave stains behind, the acid makes your teeth fair game to other stains.
  • Soda: Regardless of the color of your soda, it’s likely to stain your teeth! Dark colas will cause stains, but clear sodas can be just as bad. Like white wine, the acid left behind on your teeth will leave your pearly whites susceptible to other staining foods.


To prevent stains, make sure you rinse your mouth with water after drinking these stain-causers! Use a straw whenever possible so that the drink can skip your smile and head straight for your throat. Finally, see your Waconia dentist regularly. Kruckman Family Dentistry can help smooth the cracks in your enamel and keep your smile polished. For stains that have already set in, schedule a teeth whitening appointment! Let’s get your smile back to stunning.