Early Prevention

Early prevention is essential to your child’s oral health, just as it is to yours. Without the proper attention and routine dental visits your child’s teeth can be quickly eaten away by infection, disease and, of course, cavities. Our pediatric dentist puts an emphasis on training your kids how to properly care for their teeth on their own. This takes some of the stress off the parents and puts more of the responsibility in their hands!

Quality Treatments

We provide each and every one of our patients with quality treatments because we know that our kids deserve the best of the best! Whenever we perform any gentle dental procedures on a child we make sure to bring our A-game as a dental team as well as our compassionate and caring hearts. In addition, we take a needle-free approach to most restorative pediatric procedures!

Positive Experiences

As the mother of two small children, Dr. Kruckman has a passion for creating a calming and welcoming environment for children. She truly understands how stressful it can be for your kids to visit their pediatric dentist, and together with her team, she does the best that she can to ensure that they have a positive experience each and every time.