Keeping The Tooth Fairy Happy

As Waconia’s trusted dentist’s office, Kruckman Family Dentistry provides effective and gentle dental care for the whole family. In order to provide the very best dentistry for kids, we want to keep parents informed of what they can do to encourage dental health and hygiene at home. When used carefully, the Tooth Fairy is a great way to support your child’s oral hygiene. Here are a few tips from your Minnesota dentist.

Money For “Healthy Teeth”

Tell your child that the Tooth Fairy likes to see healthy teeth, and if they find one under the pillow, they will reward them with money. Now, unless you’re feeding your kid excessive amounts of soda and candy, you shouldn’t really be able to see signs of decay on a baby tooth. But you can always base your judgement of a “healthy tooth” on your child’s interest in brushing and keeping their teeth clean.

Don’t Give Too Much Money!

A dollar or two is probably the most any parent should put under their child’s pillow when a tooth is lost. If you leave a ridiculously high sum of $10 or $20, it might give your kid ideas. The last thing you want is to make an emergency trip to the dentist because Jimmy pulled out all his teeth with a pair of pliers because he thought the Tooth Fairy would give him $500!

Leave A Note

Your kid might think it’s really cool that they got a personal note from the world-famous Tooth Fairy along with their money. For you, it’s the perfect opportunity to impart knowledge about brushing, flossing, and dental health. With a little effort, keeping your child interested in the Tooth Fairy will keep them interested in their teeth, laying the groundwork for years of healthy habits.